Care Instructions

  • Hand wash mask at least once a week or daily if necessary 
  • Remove the filter first - do not wash the filter
  • Hand wash with laundry detergent and rinse well
  • Do not bleach
  • Air dry



Initial Setup Instructions

  • Remove the mask and filter packet form the sealed package
  • Remove the 2 filters form the clear packet
  • Insert one filter into the inside flap of the mask, ensuring the filter is positioned in the centre. The orientation does not matter as they are made up of 5 layers, with the centre layer of Activated Carbon and the 2 outer layers being the same on each side
  • Adjust the ear loops over the was and pull to tighten on the plastics lugs
  • Squeeze the metal Nose Bridge Clip that is sewn into the fabric so that it moulds to your facial and nose structiure ensuring a tighter seal